Chack the review in Amazon. kdLinks HD is a high end digital media player with the most advanced Realtek 3D chipset. It has built in WiFi (a/b/g/n). HD 3D HD MEDIA PLAYER Precaution before use Placing/01 Power/01 Cleaning/01 Moisture-proof/02 About the manual/02 Service/02 Notes Products. Best Unit I have so far is the KDlinks HD BlueTimes b and HiMedia b (along with 2 others) continually have network issues (all.

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The pictures in this user manual might be different with the pictures shown on the TV because of a difference in firmware versions.

It may take one minute or so. Hd7700 is a default bonus feature from Realtek chipset. Rey Scorpio is offline. Page 1 of 3.

You can also copy, delete, remove, rename those files. Unauthorized repair might cause electronic shock or damage of the player. With chipset, it also supports 3D movie playback on 3D TV. It can play almost any media files. It may take minutes. Otherwise it might cause fire, electronic shock or other damages.

Smart Display This media player has a new bonus feature, called “Smart Display”. Be the first to rate this product Rate this product: To connect wired or wireless USB Upgrade 1. Abnormal picture or audio output B.

Then turn off the player. Gradually shaded images showed less marked banding in bit than in hx700 color depth. This player is a great buy for the money. Has anyone figured out the WEB interface yet hd00 what keys do what? Why would any manufacturer still be putting out media players with an incorrect refresh rate – no excuse.


Free Shipping All orders of JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser.

Keep it away from sunlight and avoid heat, humidity and frequent shaking to avoid damage the case and other components of the player and shorten the service life of the player. You may leave this option at “Auto”.

You can turn off Auto Scan in the Setup menu. The PPP protocol information is encapsulated within an Ethernet frame. I bought one of these devices a few months ago and the WiFi signal on it is absolutely horrible. Use a network cable connect the media player to your router 2. With Deep Color, differences in contrast appeared slight but perceptible.

Connecting on a share using KDLINKS HD – General Support – Unraid

It may take one minute or so. No part of this manual may be reproduced, or transmitted in any form or by any means, whether by electronically or mechanically, without the express written permission from the copyright holder. Enter the code below and hit Verify. If you want 3D and stutter-free playback is your main concern, it is probably the way to go. If any of the cases below appear, please contact your local distributor or repair center.


KDLINKS HD700 Extreme Network Digital Signage FULL HD 3D Digital Media Player – Realtek 1186

In this case, please turn on the player and the heat of the player may drive the humidity away. There are no folder structures in those 3 menu options.

Do not kdliks vases or other water containers on the player.

Richard Adams is offline. When you turn on this option, it will slightly decrease the audio output volume and allow you to listen at a more comfortable level. What happens when I have an item in my cart but it is less than the eligibility threshold? Even if you use your own remote it doesn’t help – when you press a button it’s a major pain to get it to not press twice. Don’t have an account?

So far it plays every file type I’ve thrown at it. I use it strictly to stream media files to my TV’s. The player is dropped or damaged because of any other reason F.

Please do not cover the remote control signal receiver. No other device listed could match it’s playback and connectivity prowess.

You can setup Idle Time, and screen saver options: