Jim Grimsley is a successful playwright and novelist who has produced, in Kirith Kirin, a singular work of fantasy. The story revolves around Jessex, a boy of. At his side are the king, Kirith Kirin, and the other twice-named. The twice-named can be killed, but if they are not killed in battle, poisoned, etc., then they live. Kirith Kirin. Weesam 11/6/ Email. Jim Grimsley usual writes gay literature, and wins awards for it. This makes you wonder what made him decided to.

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The romance is very low-key and quiet but it is here and it is beautiful. It also had a very The life and future of young sheepherder Jessex is changed forever because of the oppression he, his family and his people suffer under the rule of the Blue Queen Athryn Ardfella, who refused to yield her throne to the Red King, the eponymous Kirith Kirin, as tradition and law require, and who has allied herself with an evil wizard, Drudaen Keerfax.

The feelings the characters have are strong and pure, and the characters themselves, even those who appear for a short time, are clear and memorable.

Kirith Kirin (Irion/Hormling, book 1) by Jim Grimsley

Like I said, I didn’t really understand the magic, but I think I’m really just sick of reading mirith one” tropes. He also manages to write about the use of magic and make it more than It’s odd, because in some ways this isn’t a very well-written book: I think I’ve rambled on for too long without really saying anything of substance.

Jim Grimsley does not fast forward any event in this incredible high fantasy novel. Once I refused to think about how much I didn’t buy it, I enjoyed Grimsley’s depiction of their relationship, with all the tenderness, loyalty, passion, and tension it entailed.


Apart from a few times when it was too frustrating: Meisha Merlin Publishing, Inc. He goes from eager boy to view spoiler [powerful and self-confident magician hide spoiler ] over the period of a long training montage and a view spoiler [magical coming of age type ceremony hide spoiler ]and it all seemed rather one-dimensional to me.

He is well known for his book Dream Boy. The appendices frame the text of the novel as a historical document discovered by visitors to the world of Aeryn long after the Third War was concluded. But the descriptions are so luxurious and beautiful that I do not mind the fact that I will have to read the entire book again to grasp all the names and mythology.

Deeply detailed instructions about how this entirely made-up magic system works. And I just love the way how it is described in the book. Jim Grimsley is a successful playwright and novelist who has produced, in Kirith Kirina singular work of fantasy.

The world building and history of Kirith Kirin are rich and detailed, staggeringly so.

Kirith Kirin

I want to read some queer fantasy books with legit romance that is as relevant as hetero romance. The Blue Queen, upon resuming the throne while King Kirith Kirin’s eternality is renewed in the Arthen forest, has partnered with a magician of the dark arts.

Yet it is not our world. This book kidin remind me of the Last Herald-Mage Trilogy which it is bound to be compared. Jim Grimsley, a gay mainstream southern novelist, playwright and kirrin of writing, has produced his first genre novel — an epic fantasy set in an invented world of multi-cultural pre-industrial civilizations lovingly depicted and carefully conceived as the appendices and glossary devoted to this imagined land’s kifin, calendar, magic-system and language can attest.

A fantasy novel, Kirith Kirinwas published by Meisha Merlin Books in and won the Lambda in the science fiction and horror category for Sep 03, Sethumi rated it really liked it. Normally, all these thi This novel is a high fantasy that is driven by its world building, to the detriment of the plot.


Overall kiith story had strong character development throughout the novel yet there were some plot holes present and an exaggeration of many unimportant characters. I understood them rarely interacting at first because Jessex is just the shrine boy and Kirigh Kirin is off doing princely things, but I expected that after things changed and Jessex got older, they’d get to know each other, but instead view spoiler [as soon as Jessex comes into his power they basically declare their love, get married and have sex.

I think that is what kept it from being a great read – too much epic. I went along with it, assuming that maybe they’d actually get together when Jessex was older, maybe 18 or something.

The maturing of a boy drawn into an adventure that will change everything about the life he has known is presented in great detail. The only minor flaw in my opinion is, that the characters sometimes seemed a little anemic. The magic system relies on runes and Words and concentration very much like the same system in the Kingkiller Chronicles and there’s a lot of flash and bang and hundreds of people kiron with the singing of one song.

Really for me, it was the romance between Jessex and the titular Kirith Kirin that kept me reading more so than the somewhat distant and hard-to-follow conflict between the good guys and the bad.