In her book L’Enracinement (The Need for Roots), which she wrote while working with De Gaulle’s Free French in London, Weil does not just address issues like. L’enracinement by Simone Weil, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Simone Weil, The Need for Roots: Prelude to a Declaration of Duties towards Mankind. tags: duties, obligations, responsibilities, Simone Weil, L’ enracinement.

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She asserts that everything in creation is dependent on method, given the spiritual methods advised by St John of the Cross as an example.

Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. They should ideally make at least some decisions and have opportunity to show initiative as well as carrying out work. Wei opines that France was essentially still motivated by the same sense of greatness that drove Hitler.

A man alone in the universe, she says, would have obligations but no rights. Weil suggests similar parallels could be targeted for urban workers. Other books in this series. It is recognized that societies must inevitably have rules for the common good which restrict freedom to a certain degree.

To accomplish the task it’s essential to enracinemenf point people in the direction of the good while at the same time providing the necessary motivation, so as to enracijement energy weik the required effort. Weil asserts that obligations are more fundamental than rights, as a right is only meaningful insofar as others fulfil their obligation to respect it.

First and foremost a false conception of greatness, based on the prestige of might and conquest. Weil says an ideal social organisation would involve holding those who enjoy power and privilege to a higher standard of conduct than those who don’t; in particular a crime eracinement an employer and against employees should be punished much more severely than a crime from an employee against his or her employer.

The Need for Roots – Wikipedia

Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Obedience motivated by a fear of penalties or a desire for reward is mere servility and of no value.

This, Weil says, should serve as a model for other needs of the soul. Book ratings by Goodreads. Weil writes of the importance of a system of hierarchy in which one feels devotion towards superiors, not as individuals, but as symbols. Most of the work discusses the general case and is of broad and lasting relevance. Science should be presented in terms of the great natural cycles, such as the energy from the sun being captured by photosynthesis, being concentrated into seeds and fruit, passing into man and then partly returning to the soil as he expends energy working the land.


The only people who would feel restricted by such rules are characterized as childlike. Security is described as freedom from fear and terror, except under brief and exceptional circumstances.

The Times Literary Supplement wrote that the book is about politics in the “widest Aristotelian understanding of the term” and that is displayed “exceptional originality and breath enracinemeent human sympathy”. Part 3 is undivided and discusses the possibilities for inspiring a nation.

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The Need for Roots Quotes by Simone Weil

The relationships between various educational topics and everyday life as experienced by the workers should be explored. Religious teaching should be made relevant to the countryside, with emphasis on weiil pastoral scenes in the Bible. Language Readers Literary Studies: Weil argues that these rules wsil not truly diminish one’s liberty if they meet certain conditions; if their purpose is easily grasped and there aren’t too many, then mature individuals of good will should not find the rules oppressive.

Weil specifies the requirements that must be met so that peoples can once again feel rooted, in a enrqcinement and spiritual sense, to their environment and to both the past and to expectations for the future. Boredom can be a problem as many peasants do the same work throughout their lives, starting from about age Two sorts of necessary punishment are discussed. Inspiring a nation is therefore a task that ought to be undertaken methodically.

The Need for Roots Quotes

Writing in he says it contains more of what the present age needs to understand and more of the criticism it needs to listen to than sjmone other writer of the 20th century has been able to express. The final section is concerned with the methods by which a people might be inspired towards the enracinejent, and how a nation can be encouraged to re-establish its roots.


Disunity prevents good intentioned activists from having much effect. The book is divided into three parts. A man left alone in the universe would have no rights whatever, but he would have obligations.

The other obstacles are idolisation of money, a degraded sense of Justice, and a lack of religious inspiration. Without watering down high culture, its truths should be expressed in a language “perceptible to the heart”. A patriotism based on compassion allows one to still see the flaws in one’s country, while still remaining ever ready to make the ultimate sacrifice.

The book was written in the early months of Weil discusses the particular problems affecting the French that result from their unique history: Eliot praised the work’s balanced judgement, shrewdness and good sense. But Weil suggests it wouldn’t need over selling by the authorities as it would be a solution to the problem on everyone’s lips concerning the lack of balance created by rapidly developing material science that hasn’t been matched with social or spiritual progress.

It makes nonsense to say that men have, on the one hand, rights, and on the other hand, obligations. Weil presents the case of two women both engaged in sewing; one being a happy expectant mother, the other being a prisoner.

The gulf between high culture from the mass of the people that has been widening since the renaissance is another factor contributing to up rootedness. Refresh and try again. Equality is an essential need when defined as a recognition that everyone is entitled to an equal amount of respect as a human being, regardless of any differences. Le royaume intermediaire J B Pontalis.

Only a small part of the book discusses the specific solutions that were of unique applicability to France in the s. This page was last edited on 7 Augustat Many academics have become obsessed with learning not for a desire for knowledge for its own sake but due to the utility it offers for enracinemsnt social prestige.