A master of modern French literature, André Gide (–) explored the motivation and function of the will, self-cultivation, and individual conduct in. Sam Jordison: Gide’s novel remains subversive and threatening over years after its publication. But did anyone actually like it?. narcissism» in their analyses of Gidean texts.2 One récit in particular, L ‘ Immoraliste. (), has inspired a host of Freudian readings of its protagonist Michel.

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Even so, I wouldn’t be surprised if The Immoralist had ruffled a few feathers.

The Immoralist/L’Immoraliste: A Dual-Language Book

Even when his wife is on the verge of dying, Michel makes her travel with him. His reality matters so much more than theirs. Michel never acknowledges sex with males men or boys—the only admitted encounters are with his wife and the female lover of a boy who he admired earlier, and that, while the boy was present.

Michel grows bored, despite his wife’s still fragile nature, and he decides to leave the Alps for Italy. They all sound sweet to ears, even stupid but sweet. If, for vide moment, we step out of the book, everything about Michel is appalling.

The Immoralist is much cleverer than its deceptively naive tone suggests. Open Preview See a Problem? One of these items ships sooner than the other.

Andre Gide writes in a suggestively decorous and quite maddening style. Had Michel’s behavior been made more acceptable by being recounted?

For now, I’m interested to hear how the book strikes you. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. He has a reputation for being disaffected with society, and this reputation attracts Michel. But he is not the one who ill-treats his wife, even after finding his new ways of joy.

Reading this book is like reading a gay-version of Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita. In “Corydon”Gide posited that, when it came to sex, gender wasn’t important. Keep Exploring Britannica Voltaire. Bleached dry by the sun and Gide’s parched prose, this story carries a modern reasonance: This product has limited availability outside the US.


It is not a question of weariness- I no longer understand anything. View all 6 comments. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. And this is what makes the fibre Absolutely stunning portrayal of a French Catholic repressive confronting his homo sexuality at the turn of last century.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. One of those friends solicits job search assistance for Michel by including in a letter to Monsieur D. The work by Gide traverses through murky and obscure alleys of the mind, sometimes revealing those thoughts which lay concealed but which can readily surface without alarm if unrestrained, thereby posing a peril to the widely accepted or personal notions of morality.

Since we have the work’s manuscript, we can say, although not from the text as printed, that Gide toned down Michel’s self-condemnation, making his moral position more ambiguous and the whole work therefore more provocative.

We leave Michel as convoluted as ever. The accredit layers of acquired learning flaked away like greasepaint, offering glimpses of bare flesh, the real person hidden underneath. A Beginner’s Dual-Language Book. If there was a scandal, it must have been fairly limited in scope.

The Immoralist (L’Immoraliste) by André Gide, |

It was great experience to read this book by Gide; as usual with Gide, he had been able to create heart-wrenching tale with simple words- immoraliiste ability, to conjure up profound effect through his prose with simple seemingly innocuous words, is second to none.

Whereas Charles the 17 year old lusty peasant lad who entrances Michel, he gets pages and pages about hedging imoraliste ditching and making hay. Three months after her death, Michel writes to his friends and asks for them to visit him.

A frank defense of homosexuality and a challenge to prevailing ethical concepts, The Imnoraliste is a literary landmark, marked by Gide’s masterful, pure, simple style. It is not difficult to dissect the literary techniques and list the parallels, antitheses, and trivial changes in behavior that denote the clash of important and opposing moral visions in the text. Football coaches, priests, etc. Roman Classic Reprint French Edition. I think my problem with this book is that I’ve heard this all before.


Trivia About The Immoralist. His demeanor goes immorallste an alteration from the start to the end with mutation of his thoughts.

After that touch from the wing of Death, what seemed important is so no longer; other things become so which had at first seemed unimportant, or which one did not even know existed. Gide’s career ranged from kmmoraliste beginnings in the symbolist movement, to the advent of anticolonialism between the two World Wars.

My dissimulation if that expression can be applied to the need I felt of protecting my thoughts from her judgmentmy very dissimulation increased that love.

Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Daringly, Gide quickly did what he wanted. The appeal of individualism; its anticipation of Freud more valid than its oblique reflection of Nietzsche. He ultimately joins Alcide in poaching upon his own property. Michel is the titular Immoralist, a man determined to live life fully without the arbitrary constrictions of religion or morality.

Reading group: A slap in the face from André Gide’s The Immoralist

Showing of 4 reviews. The companion volume to La Porte Etroite. The message of the book is that all of us have, whether as personal as homosexuality or not, some secrets or maybe just something that we are not very proud of. Apr 19, knig rated it really liked it Shelves: The Immoralist is a recollection of events that Michel narrates to his three visiting friends.

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