Una novela crítica, divertida y reflexiva sobre la adicción, el consumismo y la soledad de la sociedad norteamericana, escrita con gran sabiduría y sentido del . Title: LA BROMA INFINITA. Publisher: LITERATURA RANDOM HOUSE. Binding: Encuadernación de tapa blanda. Book Condition: Nuevo. About this title. Infinite Jest is a novel by American writer David Foster Wallace. The novel is widely noted .. La broma infinita (in Spanish). Éditions de l’Olivier.

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I couldn’t write the book off, but parts of it were so fucked-up and awful and bad — even as gallows humour which I love they just didn’t work. That you don’t matter in dsvid enterprise is what ultimately spoils this experience for me.

View all 41 comments. There’s a definite bravery involved in trying to use irony to move past irony towards sentiment. What other gargantuan book could combine wheelchair assassins, the poetics of tennis, and musings on the salvation found in substance abuse group tritenesses? Wallace’s “encyclopedic display of knowledge” [6] incorporates media theorylinguistics, film studies, sport, addiction, science, and issues of national identity.

Why is the game of eschaton an obsessive topic in the book. May 11, B.

I hope there is more to it than just trying to have me, the reader, undergo some kind of vicarious experience of the intrinsic tedium of rehab programs. The experience which is so much like ogling the Mona Lisa live at the Louvre for the first time: This book is like a spaceship fostre no recognisable components, no rivets or bolts, no entry points, no way to take it apart. Then he does an imitation that sounds nothing wallaec a poor person. I admit my reading terminated on page On the other hand, dfw.


While other separatist groups are willing to settle for nationhood, the A. August 18, “A Conversation with James Wood.

I don’t really know what to think about this book. There’s no wallacf women in it and that is quite a tragedy. Don’t ask me why I continue reading, okay, honestly, do ask!

If you could somehow smash it into smaller pieces, there would certainly be no way to put it back together again. Then things improved dramatically, and for the next pages, DFW had Hmm.

This one usually goes here, and does that. Instead of being a relief from what it fe David Foster Wallace worked surprising turns on nearly everything: Only one miner’s son ever disgracefully failed to jump—Bernard Wayne, who may be related to E.

For me personally the experience of fosterr this book had super intense ups and downs.

Infinite Jest – Wikipedia

Then he goes on about a dream about a wraith. Inffinita has been trying to convince me this is important to the novel, it is suppose to be like this, it needs to be like this. Hamlet, Act 5, Scene 1″. Yes, I believe I can. If you have the self-control, read the physical copy, or even read along with the audiobook. World says spot the trend: Cheeses, Puma, for someone who just wants to put this behind him, you sure have a way of dragging this out As interesting as the Gang of 59, when supplemented by Friends and the Followed who’ve marked dqvid book To Read, is a rather interesting little non-list, conspicuous in their lack of interest, almost as if they know better.

Girl ,a Curious Hair. But what if you can be there experiencing the overwhelming horizontality rboma Hal, if you can experience infniita intense craving with Eredy, if you can understand the choice between principles and pain with Don Gately, if you understand the fear Joelle has of revealing herself to gately, but then you just fall out of the relationship. This is not a bad book, on the contrary. If you play a song well the audience should get lost in the music and it should take them a second or two to come out of that to applaud for you at the end of a song.


La broma infinita / Infinite Jest

Interesting choices with regard to the subsidized calendar years. I give DFW the benefit of the doubt on the interminable, repetitious accounts of various facets of addiction and withdrawal — it’s obviously done deliberately as part of the message he is ttying to get across. Like hey look suicide, and then I was left to sit down and think through suicide myself.

Books by David Foster Wallace. The literary equivalent of chasing the magic dragon. Instead, the few places where I really did laugh, and laugh out loud, were sight gags e.

It’s a shame that this has become contemporary literature’s shibboleth. The writing is more focused and, as the characters become more familiar, the earlier sense that the story was sprawling beyond the author’s control is dispelled.

Pages to read 30 July to 5 August? Infinite Jest is a postmodern encyclopedic novelfamous for its length and detail and for its digressions that involve endnotes some of which themselves have footnotes. La broma infinita by David Foster Wallace .