La vita quotidiana a Roma: all’apogeo dell’imperio. Front Cover. Jérôme Carcopino. Laterza, – pages Universale Laterza. Author, Jérôme Carcopino. Home Jerome Carcopino La vita quotidiana a Roma all’ apogeo dell’ Impero. Stock Image. La vita quotidiana a Roma all’ apogeo dell’ Impero: Jerome. Buy La vita quotidiana a Roma. All’apogeo dell’impero by CARCOPINO Jérome ( ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on.

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The rest were given away to various hosts. Through all its flaws, this book did do a more than adequate job at capturing and maintaining the reader’s attention.

Daily Life in Ancient Rome: The People and the City at the Height of the Empire

For that reason, in spite of the fact that it’s a consistent book, it’s fairly easy to read. Or more like before Constantine ruined varcopino by declaring Christianity the national religion. You do NOT surpass an Italian teacher. The book covers topics streets, houses, slavery, living conditions for the poor as well as the rich, the growing freedom of women, some professions, a typical qutoidiana party, entertainment, clothing, the problems with education, and the weakening sense of religiosity.

Carcopino managed to unite into a single monograph the object of study of multiple disciplines and to amalgamate them into a compelling and vivid narrative. Said to have influenced the stylings of that series and the film Gladiator, this book is a great look at the Roman area circa A. If he had not stated this, I would probably be praising him for this same tactic.


And Roman education was so bad that rather than improving students morals, the teachers undermined them [often with pederasty, my speculation]. I love history, but I have always been more interested in the daily lifes of the people than in the dates of this or that battle.

La vita quotidiana a Roma: all’apogeo dell’imperio – Jérôme Carcopino – Google Books

His analysis of Roman religion is outdated. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Although translated from the French and although old, dating fromCarcopino’s reconstruction of late Republican and early Imperial Rome reads well, evincing excellent work by translator Lorimer.

The principal reprimanded the teacher, but could do nothing because of the strength of Italian unions–I add as a lifetime union professor. Eating habits, education, hygiene, concept of time, social hierarchy, sleeping arrangements, traffic, leisure. Our weekdays depend on the geocentric order of Five planets plus the Sun and Moon. Carcopino seems tuned to perceive decadance and the beginning of decline almost everywhere. Love and Death in the Eternal City’ – a newer book by Corrado Augias but it’s been out of stock on Cacopino for months now!

Pour yourself a gallon of caffeine before wading through this bad boy: Or we might also risk a planet called “Ur Quotdiiana for which the polite pronunciation is no better: Apr 17, nettebuecherkiste rated it really liked it. From this the author gives his take on daily life in the ancient city, frequently interjecting his own opinions and occasionally as, f. The only complaint I have about the text has to do with my ignorance of modern Rome, never having been there myself.


Jun 13, Cassandra Brecht rated it liked it. Maybe it was not a problem for the original francophone reader and for a more educated not-francophone, but for me it was.

I’ve seen Gladiator many times so now wouldn’t mind how Rome portrays the same time period. Where Mary Beard is a scientist, Carcopino is a gushing gossip.

Carcoipno dense and informative book: I read this immediately after Mary Beard’s SPQR, and in that context the authori seems too gushing in his love for Ancient Rome and not questioning enough. This book is interesting as the first “popular” book on daily life in rome. Dec 08, Alexander Kennedy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Uses good sources, but dated, and I could have done without the moralizing.

Probably would rate this four stars if the edition were better edited. For example, the author states that women had much freedom and will then claim that they did not have much freedom. Gita makes understanding the target time period much more arduous.