El barbero de Sevilla, de Gioacchino Rossini. Melodrama Bufo en dos actos. Libreto de Césare Sterbini. Basado en la comedia homónima de Piérre- Agustin . El Barbero de sevilla. Barbero de sevilla. The barber of Seville is an opera bufa in two acts with music by Gioachino Rossini and libreto in. , English, Spanish, Printed music edition: El barbero de Sevilla [music] libreto, Guillermo Perrín, Miguel de Palacios ; editión crítica, Xavier de Paz.

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Cursed ones, away from here! It’s no use pulling faces.

El Barbero de sevilla by jorge diaz serrano on Prezi

Evviva il buon Dottore! So ben io quel che ho da far. Fiorello, with a lantern in his hand, introduces various musicians; then Count Almaviva, wrapped up in a mantle. And these sheets of paper Razors and combs, lancets and libeeto, at my command everything’s ready. That’s how he is. L’ufficiale, sorpreso, fa cenno ai soldati di stare sull’attenti e anch’egli fa lo stesso. Thus our poor, bewildered brain, stunned, confounded, in confusion, without reason, is reduced to insanity.


Here is my guitar. He sits at the harpsichord and accompanies. What do you think? Che mi serve lo spirito, che giova libeeto bellezza. Oh, you are indeed a worthy pupil of Don Basilio!


Tomorrow Librrto cannot come. That face is not unknown to me. No, I want to do things my own way. Rosina enters from her room.

Seviilla, what a merry life, what gay pleasures, for a barber of quality. He keeps every room al buio But I had already guessed it, I knew it all along.

Go into the next room and bring the towels. BASILIO Just this, that plausibly, we must begin to invent a story which will put him in a bad light with the public, making him seem a man of infamy, a doomed soul Son testimoni Figaro e Don Basilio.

A purge for the lawyer Bernardone who yesterday fell ill with indigestion. Voglio che insieme il contratto di nozze ora stendiamo.


It was one of the first Italian operas to be performed in the United States. Who the devil can this be? It takes more than that, my girl, to deceive me successfully. Pretende di essere ubriaco. If this noise you still keep making, all the neighbours you’ll be waking. But she’ll have to deal with me. Viene avanti con una pergamena in mano e legge. Did I say doubt? Figaro carries a lantern.

Qua la parrucca, presto la barba, qua la sanguigna, presto il biglietto. Bartolo entra dalla strada. Entra il Conte travestito da maestro di musica.

From every attack a victor, Love will always aevilla.