Manhunt has ratings and reviews. Will said: After Booth did his thing at Ford’s theater, it took the combined forces of the United States, V. James Swanson’s vivid, well-researched book is a record of Booth’s attempt to evade capture following this daring killing, and his journey – at. Instead of the comprehensive treatment of the Lincoln conspiracy offered by Michael W. Kauffman in American Brutus (), Swanson focuses.

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I am again borrowing from another when I sum up Booth’s flight south thusly: There are already two excellent books on the subject that should appeal to all audiences, serious academic and casually curious. George Atzerodt lost his nerve and didn’t attack Johnson, while Lewis Powell bluffed himself into Seward’s home and savagely attacked him. The Secrets of Mary Bowser. It’s pacing is more than solid.

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Swanson has the lamentable habit of attributing to characters in his story motives that he cannot possibly substantiate. A professional actor, he was at least as motivated by the desire for fame and glory as ideology.

The actions jxmes the event and those surrounding it hames few. Swanson, a legal scholar with the Cato Institute and a Lincoln historian, knows the assassination inside and out; he’s been studying Lincoln since he was a child, and his previous book with Daniel R. And I admit it: The Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer when I It probably goes without saying by now that any time I delve into historical non-fiction the first thing that occurs to me is how little I know about my own country’s history.


Swanson provides mannunt background on Booth, as the upcoming popular actor son of the century’s most famous actor, Junius Brutus Booth. The tale told is a non fiction, well-researched, dramatic narrative of the hunt for John Wilkes Booth, murderer of Abraham Lincoln.

Booth’s flight was likely desperate and by using this source material the flight becomes romanticized. He famously shot Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, but the confederate that was supposed to kill Seward pretty much botched that murder, despite leaving major wounds on Jame and one of his sons. WeinbergLincoln’s Assassinswas a photographic and archival study of Booth and his co-conspirators.

Manhunt: The Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer by James L. Swanson

I can deal with a little flowery prose if it means I get to hide in the woods with Booth while enraged Union troops hungry for his blood scour the countryside or pace the halls in Washington D. In his own mind he thought he was doing the right thing. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Such is history’s disdain of neatly wrapped endings.

MANHUNT by James L. Swanson | Kirkus Reviews

I suppose one might argue that since the letter appears in italics and not within quotes, it is subject to a greater degree of license, but that logic really falls flat in this reviewer’s estimation. In reading it, I kept feeling it was like listening to a really pure and beautiful soprano who hits those perfect notes that always give you a headache and make manhhnt wince.

Booth hatched a wild plan duringwhile the Civil War raged, to kidnap President Lincoln and deliver him to the Confederate government, in an effort to demoralize the North and possibly end the war. The sense of tension and suspense that comes through is intense, for lack of a better word.


Mar 25, Heidi rated it liked it. The most publicized case of alleged collateral guilt by association with Booth concerns the case of Dr. The author gives a blow-by-blow account of the physical movements of Lincoln’s murderer in the days immediately prior to and after the assassination, and of nanhunt men sent to find him.

Of course, it’s nonfiction, but it reads like a high intensity, suspenseful, thrilling novel. Mostly though, I am thankful to say, Swabson hated him as much as he deserved.

Ratings and Reviews 0 0 star ratings 0 reviews. The book’s end notes do not indicate Laura Keene ever claimed that she was a self serving opportunist, and it is unlikely that she would have even if it were the truth. This is an excerpt from a review published in Bookmarks magazine. Despite the absence of action throughout most of the book, he held my interest as well as My husband read this first, and his succinct review was that “a whole lot of nothing happens.

Swanson seems perfectly comfortable with his portrayal of Holloway as a romantic heroine even when in the next paragraph she interferes with the investigation by stealing the dead actor’s field glasses.

Meet You in Hell.